About the Studio

Private Lessons
Lessons are either 30-minutes, 45-minutes, or 1-hour, and they are given on a weekly basis. 30-minute lessons are offered only for the young beginner (4-5 years old) or students in their first year of study. Students in their 2rd year must begin 45-minute lessons, and advanced students are required to take 1-hour lessons.
Lessons start at $140/month.  Please inquire for details.

Sharing music is a significant aspect of music making, and students are encouraged to participate in performances and programs throughout the year. These include community service; Certificate of Merit and The Royal Conservatory - Carnegie Hall Achievement Program, as well as the Bach, Classical & Romantic, and Contemporary Festivals.

Practice Expectations

Progress happens only with daily at-home practice.  The quality of practice is more important than quantity, but here is a guideline of the expectations of this studio:

     -Beginners (1st year of study): 15-30min                                   -Early Advanced (Level 6-8):  1+ hrs
     -Late Elementary (Prep-Level 2): 30-45min                             -Advanced (Level 9-10):  1.5+ hrs
     -Intermediate (Level 3-5): 45-60min

About the Teacher

Kathryn Cheng 

is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, with a Master of Music in piano performance. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music (and Cell Biology) from the University of California, Berkeley. She’s received many awards, including the Hertz Traveling Scholarship in Music which allowed her to study in St. Petersburg, Russia.  In San Diego, Kathryn has hosted and performed in various benefit concerts for causes both local and abroad. She is an active member of the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC) and has been on the teaching staff at San Diego Music Studio, as well as at Greene Music.  Kathryn has taught countless students in the one-on-one setting - she brings the expertise from her experience to tailor piano lessons to each individual. She especially loves teaching children and pre-college students, seeing them develop and grow as musicians and as people. Recently moving to the LA area, she hopes to continue inspiring young musicians to pursue music and life with inquisitive minds and generous hearts. 


Our family was blessed in meeting Kathryn in 2008. After a couple false starts with well-known instructors in the area, we met Kathryn and quickly saw her passion for playing and teaching piano. During the past few years, Kathryn has consistently improved Elizabeth’s playing, often culminating in receiving awards in local and regional events. Kathryn has a flexible teaching style, supported by a keen sense of the students’ attitude, aptitude, and ability to play. Away from the piano, Kathryn is a wonderful role model for our daughter. Looking forward, we continue to enjoy watching our daughter grow behind the piano, knowing that Kathryn is teaching and encouraging her on a regular basis.  We whole-heartedly recommend Kathryn as a piano instructor! -B.B., Del Mar

Michelle is now so excited to sit down and practice! Thank you!  After a year with the previous teacher, I was very happy that right on the first lesson with you, you've corrected her hand position & body posture and addressed her reading problem. Also one of the things I really like is the frequent performance opportunities - I think this is very special and very important to building Michelle's confidence, and seeing other students perform inspires and motivates her.-R.S., UTC

Student Commitment

Learning to play the piano requires time and commitment that involves all three parties – student, parent, and teacher.

As the teacher, Kathryn is committed to teaching her students with diligence, thoughtfulness, and care. As such, commitment is also expected from parents and students, specifically in weekly lesson attendance and daily practice time.

Piano should be fun and engaging, but enjoyment at the piano comes only with a foundation of commitment and solid work ethic!

Teacher's Philosophy

Guide students in developing a life-long love and appreciation for music

Enable students to obtain proficiency at the piano through a strong foundation in technique, tone production, and musicality

Provide students with a solid understanding of music theory and competency in aural skills and sight-reading

Empower students to a life of achievement through teaching of practice disciplines.

I wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job teaching Elise and Michelle. I'm very pleasantly surprised at their improvement since they started taking lessons with you. They're motivated to practice and they're sounding better. Thanks for doing such a great job!
-S.K., UTC