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The mission of this studio is to inspire and develop students to become self-sufficient, well-rounded musicians who ultimately become life-long lovers of music, using their knowledge and abilities to touch the people and communities around them.

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  • Certificate of Merit

    Congratulations to Alec, Claire, Desiree, Elise, Enna, and Gabrielle for participating in Certificate of Merit and passing their level.  Special congratulations to Claire and Gabrielle for passing with honors (honors is awarded to level 4 and above).  Great job everyone on your technique, sight reading, repertoire, theory, and ear-training!  I'm so proud of all your hard work.  

  • Bach Festival

    Congratulations to Claire, Alec, and Michelle S. for participating in the Bach Festival!  Great job to all of you.  I wish I could have been there in person, but the recordings I heard of you all were fabulous!  Congratulations to Alec for winning 3rd place in the Anna Magdalena division, and congratulations to Claire for being chosen as the alternate to perform at the regionals in the Johann division!

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, musicians!  Looking forward to another year of music-making with you all! :)

  • Christmas Recital

    It was so fun & rewarding to play for the elderly at the Patrician.  All the residents I spoke with absolutely loved you all and enjoyed the music!  Merry Christmas & happy holidays!

  • Sonata Festival

    Desiree and Claire played so well at Sonata Festival!  Congratulations to Claire for winning 3rd place!

  • Honors Audition

    Congratulations to Claire for being chosen as the alternate for the Honors Audition!

  • Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program

    Congratulations to Claire for passing Level 3 of The Achievement Program!

  • Fall Festival & Piano Auditions

    Congratulations to Alec, Elise, Enna, Madison, Michelle K, Michelle S, and Sydney for participating in the Fall Festival and receiving Superior ratings!  Also congratulations to Claire for receiving the highest mark of 5 at the Piano Auditions!

  • Youth Musicale

    Joshua, Michelle S, Enna, and Madison all played beautifully at the Youth Musicale!  Great job!

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